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  1. Land of Fire Spiced Honey Hot Toddy | Grand Prix Eats
    June 13, 2021 @ 9:14 pm

    […] Azerbaijan sits sandwiched between Russian in the North, Georgia & Armenia to the West, and Iran to the South, so it would make sense that the food and drink customs are influenced by a variety of cultures and religious practices. As I did my research for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku, most of the drink recipes I found were non-alcoholic so I wasn’t sure if I would include a cocktail recipe for this race. I was pretty surprised to learn, over a daily morning kickoff, that a coworker of mine’s father was from Azerbaijan and gifted me with a bottle of Azerbaijani brandy, straight from Baku. I was instantly inspired to make a play on a hot toddy, using a little extra spice (Azerbaijan is the “Land of Fire” after all) and my new bottle of brandy. Of course you have substitute this Baku brandy with any brandy or cognac you have at home and still have a deliciously comforting post-Azerbaijani dinner cocktail. This cocktails pairs particularly well with my Ginger & Rose Persian Love Cake. […]


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